Thursday, March 24, 2011


Here are a few simulations of VanDusen gardens with LOTUS installation. This is Livingston Lake.

Gord daily works with the texture of the individual paintings themselves- discovering their float-ability and durability in water. It's tricky, similar to ice. There are numerous variations, as he applies the eco-friendly epoxy to the surface of foam, to paper, to pigment. What floats? What preserves the color? He's using garden colors and floats the paintings in the pond out front, where spring, one degree at a time, awakens. Here's Heron Lake.

He's also creating stunning paintings for indoor display - using encaustic backdrop artwork, combining it with pigment peeled away from the foam, to create deeply textured, transparent and translucent meditation on the lotus leaf.

Although this picture of Heather Lake at VanDusen was taken in the fall - just picture what this will be like in summer when the installation opens on July 7th.