Down to the doorman. Every last person. At my age, how can this Pollyanna lens filter what we experienced at ASLA? And yet.

The young woman at the help desk who gave me the silver hooks. The guy with the tatoo who laid the rugs. Mr. Rain barrell who loaned us a chair. Cleopatra, to celebrate Halloween. And everyone else who visited our booth.

There were many. From Paris, China, Brazil. From all across the United States. They brought energy, ideas, intelligence, aesthetic. At the San Diego Convention Center, a friendly and gracious community of professionals instantly connected with the vibrant colors and shapes of LOTUS.

From hither and yon, many converged on our booth, all with curiosity & compliments for LOTUS. From California so many cities represented: San Diego, Santa Barbara, Pasadena, Mission Viejo, La Jolla, Culver City, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Irvine, Oakland, Costa Mesa.

It was obvious this was a completely new idea, an unexpected discovery. A bold & beautiful new take on the tried-and-true water feature.

For our part, we were impressed with the efforts on all fronts to be environmentally sustainable, and the openness of everyone to include art in their work.

From Texas, professionals hailed from Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Temple. Many came from all across the United States: from Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, New Jersey, Minnesota, Alaska, Nevada, and Washington DC.

We didn't get to the costume parties. We didn't get everyone's photo, and we weren't able to get everyone's contact information.

But we did see how the cultural side of art - the way it expresses ideas -can be included here. It's exciting to think that the intention of the art -- through design -- can be at play in the public realm as part of the landscape.

Leave a comment if you have questions. See WHAT IS LOTUS IN MOTION for direct contact info.