Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Discoveries of abstraction

Generate. Proliferate. Grow. Without limit, Halloran’s lotus paintings bud from the natural world ­– each composition, a layering of pattern and hue resplendent with vigour. By gesture and action, through pattern and structure, the paintings link to nature. With the lotus a shape symbolic of purity and calm, it’s aquatic habitat a peaceful meditation, each painting becomes a unique haiku.

Wing and leaf, feather and petal, all are employed to coalesce as lotus. Everything is possible; every combination of line and colour may be utilized, like chance joining of genetic material making each family member individual yet related.

Temperate rainforest, garden forms and pond life, the flora and fauna that surround Halloran, engender the intention of vital luminosity.


Met with Lee Roberts of GOLDMOSS GALLERY just down the road. The weather, wet. We've been to their wonderful/urban (meaning modern, sophisticated, welcoming) gallery in the trees. Lee looked at 'the art' in a way that was so refreshing -- and he wants to exhibit Gord's work soon in the gallery.

Meanwhile, Gord puts a lotus leaf into the garden pond, testing the latest breakthrough in materials. It's taking a long time; he's really in a developmental stage - he's working out a process that's different for the permanent work to go on the walls and the public work to go in the water. Materials have to be ordered and shipped and then there's the drawing, sketching, the necessary computer, the printing, the application of encaustic. Mounting and framing. He thinks he 'has got it' ... and then comes up with another, sleeker, or more environmentally friendly, permutation. Yesterday it was vinyl paper. Today it's cork.

We visited Cornerstone in Sonoma. Sculpturesite. a new leaf gallery.

The gallery is open, light and full of excellent world class artwork. Suzan Hampton, Assistant Director is entranced by paintingsbelowzero, by LOTUS. They have water, and look at all that sun.

We also met with Greg Lejnieks, owner of Chloe Fine Art Gallery in San Francisco to talk about representation there. Here is Amy Nelder, his wife, but first, an amazing artist - she makes it look easy - her work is sort of hyper realist modern still life but she calls it 'pop trompe d'oeil' .. She was doing her work in the gallery while their daughter Chloe, napped. Here they are, all 3.

Today, another bright but damp spring day, we are planning for the FUNDRAISER to be held on June 17th, a Friday. It's going to be a garden party, with guests getting a preview of the installation in the garden setting. If you are interested in helping, or attending, please comment here, with your contact info. Or contact me at hickshalloran at