Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lotus in Motion, The Color of Life

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden Classical Chinese Garden

June 1st - July 30, 2012

Opening reception: Saturday June 16th 3 - 5 PM

Lotus in Motion, The Color of Life shows at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Garden in June and July. Artist Gordon Halloran's floating painting installation was inspired by Claude Monte's impressionist water lilies, calving icebergs and overlapping organice textures of landscape flora.

Enjoy the natural movement of the round paintings as they float atop the water -- affected by currents, breeze, rain and the movement of birds and insects in the garden environment.

Resplendent with summer glory, each composition glows with layering of pattern and hue whose origins proliferate in nature. Wing and leaf, feather and petal, pond life, flora and fauna - all resonate, all blossom on the radiant surface of Lotus.

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